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(mi'ning) [ME]
1. The extraction of useful information from a database. Synonym: data mining
2. The extraction from the earth of materials with industrial value, such as coal, silver, or gold. Miners are exposed to various occupational disorders, including respiratory diseases (e.g., pneumoconiosis), allergies, and traumatic injuries.

data mining

Mining (1).
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The research report highlights the changing trends in the mining industry by considering factors such as the existing economic conditions, price variations, the growth trajectory of key players, sales performance, expenditure patterns, priorities, and spending patterns.
Other recommendations included formulation of the mining industry management structure and appointment of qualified managers with knowledge of mining.
The coal mining industry is defined as an aggregate of two industries: coal mining (NAICS 21211) and support activities for coal mining (NAICS 213113).
Global Mining Survey 2013-2014 - Market Trends, Marketing Spend and Sales Strategies in the Global Mining Industry
Victoria is home to the headquarters of global mining powerhouses and is a hub for Australia s mining industry, providing key financial, legal, design, engineering, management and other support services.
The mining industry has long lead times and it takes time for the necessary, investment to be mobilized after prices have signaled the need for such investment.
EPA to Reveal Mining Industry as Nation's Largest Toxic: Conservationists Call On Congress to Enforce Toxic Mine Waste Dumping Limits
It affects the whole of the mining industry,'' Bledsoe said.
Half a dozen big gold mines now dominate the hard-rock mining industry in Montana.
The recent upswings in the global mining industry came from Europe and APAC region which saw increased CAGR's in the ranges of 2.
The lowering of oil prices due to overproduction and slowing of demand may be seen by some in the mining industry to stop exploring alternative energy sources and replacing the existing fuel sources with renewable energy at lower prices.
Not only has the mining industry already voluntarily possess many such measures in order to protect their workers, but these measures were used as the basis for the new legislation.

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