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/min·i·mal/ (min´ĭ-m'l) smallest or least; the smallest possible.


adjective Referring to the least amount or degree of a substance or process.

Minimal is often replaced with minimum (a noun), as in minimum effective dose.


the smallest possible; the least.

minimal bactericidal concentration (MBC)
see minimal lethal concentration (below).
minimal disease pigs
a variant on specific pathogen free pigs.
minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC)
the lowest concentration of an antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of a bacterium; usually in reference to an antimicrobial sensitivity test.
minimal lethal concentration (MLC)
the lowest concentration of antimicrobial that kills a particular bacterium; usually in reference to an antimicrobial sensitivity test.
minimal viable gestational age
the minimal gestational age at which the fetus can survive independently (horse 300 days, cattle 240 days, 138 for sheep, 108 for pig).

Patient discussion about minimal

Q. How successful s minimally invasive surgery for knee replacements?

A. Approximately 300,000 knee replacements are performed each year in the United States. and it said that 90% of the people who had a total knee replacement report an improvement in their function. i searched the CDC statistics for failure of the surgery and couldn't find any info about it. but as i said- it's a very common surgery. my grandmother had a hip joint replacement due to arthritis, it helped.
here is something that might help you to prepare for the surgery: the Procedure

good luck!!

Q. how do i keep my baby as minimal as passable exposed to the out side world threats? like decease and other things

A. It might seem like a caring attitude, but I'm not sure it's neither possible nor absolutely necessary - babies do get sick, usually only mildly and transiently, so trying to prevent all the cases of fever would be quite impossible.

What you can do, is to maintain the regular infant welfare visits, give him or her the necessary vaccinations (one of the most important things you can do for your child), make sure your baby eats well, regarding both the amount and type of foods, and generally keep a good hygiene: make sure to wash hands after you go to the toilet and before you handle your baby, don't expose him or her to other sick infants etc.

However, all this is just a general advice - if you have specific question you may want to consult your doctor (e.g. a pediatrician).

Take care,

Q. Has anyone had a minimally invasive partial knee replacement? How did it go and are you pleased? I will be having one in the next few weeks and would just like some input. Thanks...

A. Hmm... Never underwent it myself, but you may read some more here:

and you may also watch it here:

Take care,

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Basic colours and minimalistic modern silhouettes -- this is what the bYSI fall collection represents.
The hotel's faucets will be fitted with the signature Grohe Sinfonia- nostalgic designs mixed with the minimalistic and easy-to-use Grohe Essence range, it stated.
These minimalistic bags in vintage leather and snazzy prints are perfect for mid-day meetings.
We've all seen the adverts, and the minimalistic website; where they have 'geniuses' who can magically fix any problem with your device and laptops that run seamlessly.
After many years traveling the world, mostly Africa, Mathieu Boogaerts started penning some naive, minimalistic ditties.
Each poem is minimalistic, visually interesting, and deceptively simple.
Completing the trio is Rosalind Haf Brooks who also develops as the work unfolds, also finding her voice, literally, as she too interacts with both Jo and Eddie in movements that are as much minimalistic as human.
THE BACKDROP was rustic and the setting minimalistic, ideal for Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh to engage the BJP's Nitin Gadkari in a noholds barred discussion.
The band were incredibly tight and the minimalistic yet intense lighting was perfectly suited to their music.
Expressing ECCO's Scandinavian style, the collection features minimalistic designs with simple and modern detailing on the side and comes in a Northern shade of bluish-grey.
The mixed media appearing, minimalistic illustrations are absolutely central to the theme at the heart of "The Voyage," expressing its spare message of self-security so effectively.
It's a brilliant art form and will get more grace into his movements — if you're graceful you can get away with minimalistic moves, which is what their choreography is about.