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 (ms) [mil´ ĭ -sek″ und]
one thousandth (10−3) of a second.

mil·li·sec·ond (ms, msec),

One thousandth of a second.

millisecond (msec)

Etymology: L, mille, thousand; ME, seconde, small part
one thousandth (10-3) of a second.


A thousandth of a second, a timing unit on which pulse width and cardiac pacing interval are based.


(msec) (mil'i-sek'ŏnd)
One thousandth of a second.
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In previous studies, Potter has shown that the human brain can correctly identify images seen for as little as 100 milliseconds.
If a power outage - defined as even a millisecond in duration - would lead to downtime or crashes of a system critical to your operation, then a UPS is required equipment, If a customer purchases a power conditioning system, then the customer is saying that either his or her site is not prone to outages or significant disruptions, or if there are outages, that process can stand to be interrupted with minimal or no damage to the process or electronic equipment.
However, in autistic children, the presence of shadows - either matching or not matching the objects - interfered with recognition, making them take a little less than 350 milliseconds on average to do either.
Failover times are configurable, but generally on the order of 250 milliseconds.
To find a pulsar with a period of a few milliseconds instead of half a second or a second," says Taylor, "is ten thousand to a million times more difficult.
Customers can now order simulators with either a multi-flash or new single-flash light source which features an adjustable flash duration from 10 milliseconds to 120 milliseconds.
Millisecond pulsars, as their name implies, are pulsars that spin with rotational periods of only a few milliseconds - as fast as a kitchen blender.
The NAND Flash enables page programming in 200 microseconds, random read access in 10 milliseconds, serial read access in 70 nanoseconds max within a page and small block erasure in just 2 milliseconds.
Basically, he who croaks first, even by a few milliseconds, gets the girl.
The company's industry-leading SLAs include 100% network availability across the public Internet, less than 45 milliseconds latency, and less than 0.
24 Physical Review Letters that coherence can last surprisingly long--at least 100 milliseconds.
Fast test of asynchronous PLLs and serial interfaces like PCI Express in milliseconds, without CDRs or external arming