20th century Lebanese physician.
Mikaelian syndrome - probable autosomal recessive trait characterized by deafness and other anomalies.
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Protestant Theology, translated by Tah Wes Mikaelian, (Tehran: Scientific and Cultural)
The subjects include fashion designer Rami Al Ali, furniture designer Khalid Shaafar, branding consultant Khatchig MiKaelian and fashion blogger and former professional footballer Andy Scott.
When Pindoll, headed by consummate performer Erin Mikaelian, took to the stage, the band's unique sound and strong onstage presence succeeded in capturing the attention of the crowd.
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Loving mother of Stacey Epro of Sharon, Brian Epro & his wife Vanessa of Leominster and Erica Mikaelian & her husband Christopher of Stow.
In 1991, Mikaelian et al were the first to describe autologous fat injection (lipoinjection).
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Sponsor companies that were hand picked to participate in the Secret Room Events Red Carpet Style Lounge include Tahiti Legends, Tadrai Hotel, Air Pacific, The Brazilian Bella, Whitening Lightning, Advanced Home Actives, My Dream Bag / Carrie Ella Designs, Puma, Gregory Mikaelian and Sons, Inc.
When I first moved here there was nothing for basketball," said Armenian born George Mikaelian.
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