20th century Lebanese physician.
Mikaelian syndrome - probable autosomal recessive trait characterized by deafness and other anomalies.
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The full report will be released in a few days, but executive director Carla Koffel and programme manager Jack Mikaelian presented some of its findings at a press conference on Wednesday.
This type of a conformal lens, which is also known as a Mikaelian lens, arose from the field of transformation optics, which is based on the idea that lenses can direct light in analogy with how the curved geometry of spacetime bends light in general relativity.
Pocos estudios han comparado la ocurrencia de neoplasias entre caninos de raza y mestizos; sin embargo, los estudios revisados (Vail y MacEwen, 2000; Liu y Mikaelian, 2003) indican que la frecuencia de casos deberia ser mayor en animales de raza pura que en mestizos; por ejemplo, Vascellari et al.
Attn: Hagop Mikaelian (Contractor-Procurement Specialist)
Khattab, Shoghig Mikaelian and Aram Nerguizian, is a refreshingly comprehensive look into the factors that make up the sectarian stalemate in Lebanon, and that have made it impervious to the Arab Spring uprisings since 2010.
Mikaelian, "An evaluation of an eye tracker as a device for computer input", in Proc.
Protestant Theology, translated by Tah Wes Mikaelian, (Tehran: Scientific and Cultural)
When Pindoll, headed by consummate performer Erin Mikaelian, took to the stage, the band's unique sound and strong onstage presence succeeded in capturing the attention of the crowd.
Dunn ME, Coluccio D, Hirkaler G, Mikaelian I, Nicklaus R, Lipshultz SE, et al.
Loving mother of Stacey Epro of Sharon, Brian Epro & his wife Vanessa of Leominster and Erica Mikaelian & her husband Christopher of Stow.
These disciplines include medicine, logistics, weather forecasting, strategic decision making, supply chain management, climate change and group decision making (Ben-Arieh & Chen 2006; Budescu, Broomell, & Por, 2009; Carrasco, Munoz-Leiva, Sanchez-Fernandez, & Liebana-Cabanillas, 2012; Florez-Lopez & Ramon-Jeronimo, 2012; Han, Klein, & Arora, 2011; Joslyn & LeClerc, 2012; Lee & Wang, 2011; Mikaelian, 2009; Politi, Han, & Col, 2007; Voigt & Inderfurth, 2012).
In 1991, Mikaelian et al were the first to describe autologous fat injection (lipoinjection).