Mighty Mouse

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A transgenic PEPCI-Cmus supermouse bred at Case Western Reserve in Ohio, which handles lactate levels in the same way as elite athletes, e.g., Lance Armstrong
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I Installed the Mighty Mouse laser grips on a PUG .
The black and olive Convertible Messenger/Backpack features a zip down workstation with custom sized pockets made specifically to fit an Apple Mighty Mouse, MacSafe Power Adapter, Apple Remote and iPod.
MIGHTY MOUSE THE little mouse scampered along the jungle floor When suddenly he heard a mighty roar "Help me
Nicknamed Mighty Mouse, the 5ft 3in unranked rookie showed he has a big future in the sport as he made the greatest player of the modern era at times look ordinary.
HHHHI The Tale of Despereaux (U): Matthew Broderick voices the mighty mouse.
The company also added a new addition to its product line with the Mighty Mouse, dubbed the Magic Mouse.
1+EDR;* mini-DVI out (adapters for DVI, VGA and Composite/S-Video sold separately);* built-in stereo speakers and microphone; and* the Apple Keyboard, Mighty Mouse and infrared Apple Remote.
With superb multi-instrumental musicianship, abundant energy, and ravishing songs, Modest Mouse were a mighty mouse that roared through the Ritz like a delinquent lion.
She wears glasses and has a tattoo of Mighty Mouse on her right ankle.
Sophie Jones and Chelsie Smallman from Llantarnam High School were delighted to see their robot Mighty Mouse win after making final adjustments.
Computer company Apple introduced on Tuesday (25 July) the wireless Mighty Mouse, a new version of its multi-button mouse.
One South African who looked good 14 months ago when he won the Madrid Open is mighty mouse Richard Sterne but he has now convinced himself he cannot putt and, boy, doesn't it show.