Johann F., Swiss pathologist, 1811-1887. See: Miescher elastoma, Miescher granuloma, Miescher tubes.
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Once those photoreceptors are gone, there's no bringing them back, says Roska, of the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel, Switzerland.
With this app the Swiss National Team definitely enters into the social media mobile world, developing one more tool of relationship between its members and fans," said Alex Miescher, General Secretary.
Researchers from the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research in Switzerland found that suppressing the animal's ability to taste its food -regardless of how much it actually eats -- can significantly increase or decrease its length of life and potentially promote healthy aging.
In 1843, Swiss scientist Friedrich Miescher found "milky white threads" in the muscles of a mouse, which for years were known as "Miescher's tubules.
DNA was first discovered in 1869 by Swiss physician Friedrich Miescher.
It was the pioneering work done by Friedrich Miescher in 1874 that led to the isolation and identification of protamine.
Of course, long before Friedrich Miescher discovered DNA in 1869, it was obvious that there were differences between one plant and another, one human and another and one animal and another.
Molecular Genetics "Inside the chromosome: DNA Part V of this book includes and RNA" Miescher (separation of nuclei from In: Blueprints-Solving the cells and chemical analysis of DNA), Mystery of Evolution Beadle and Tatum (Neurosporo), by Maitland A.
Cornwall AA, To be a man is more than a day's work: shifting ideals of masculinity in Ado-Odo, southwestern Nigeria, in: Lindsay LA and Miescher SF, eds.
Miescher told me later that the paper was criticized by many investigators.