median sacral artery

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me·di·an sa·cral ar·ter·y

origin, posterior aspect of abdominal aorta just above the bifurcation; distribution, lower lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, and coccyx; anastomoses, lateral sacral, superior and middle rectal.

median sacral artery

The final unpaired midline artery branching from the aorta; it originates 1 cm proximal to the aortic bifurcation, and it ends in the coccyx. Its branches include a pair of lumbar arteries and a number of small arteries to the rectum. Synonym: middle sacral artery
See also: artery
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At this point and still prior to docking, it is also important to identify the ureters, the sacral promontory, the midline with the sigmoid retracted, the middle sacral vessels, and the iliac vessels.
But with the press-in anchor, you can go lateral to the middle sacral veins and press in at only one point.
First, open the peritoneum overlying the sacral promontory taking care to avoid the middle sacral artery Attach suspending sutures to the sacral promontory with either free needles or bone anchors.

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