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In the study, over 2,000 people across the UK were asked to rate their top 15 firsts, from getting drunk to having a mid life crisis, and reveal the age at which the event occurred.
A BAND of rock n' roll has-beens made a comeback last week - the reunion of Mid Life Crisis.
Perhaps this was a manifestation of what some people would call a mid life crisis in which you experimented with some sort of sexual activity outside your usual experience.
All it takes is one man and a mid life crisis later to see wives dumped for younger, sexier models, and tonight's documentary will speak to the many women who've been given the cold shoulder by the blokes they thought loved them.
Faith is excellent as a straying husband, Robertson Hay gives a good performance as a woman worried about ageing and Boxer is convincing as a man heading for a mid life crisis.
ENERGIS chief executive Mike Grabiner, 50, seems to have been hit by a mid life crisis - but don't let that put you off his telecoms company.
Women are viewed as sex toys to be used and discarded by vile, pathetic males (I shall not call them men); families are destroyed as a father vents his mid life crisis by abandoning his wife for a 'younger, prettier model,' homosexuals and lesbians are no longer content to secretly live in sin, but now want to glorify their perversions.

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