microwave oven

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microwave oven

An oven that uses microwave energy for cooking or heating food.


Food prepared or reheated in a microwave should be tested with a thermometer to make certain it has reached the lethal temperature for potentially hazardous microorganisms.
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In the Photonic Curing(TM) process technology and microwave heating, only metallic substances, such as silver, absorb the energy and generate heat.
The students designed a precision microwave heating system for microfluidic chips - miniature chemical reactors used for things like pharmaceutical synthesis and organic chemistry research.
The most relevant steps in the MA-MEF-based immunoassay for TnI using microwave heating are the steps involving TnI and detector antibody incubation on SNFs.
This may result from the differences between microwave heating method and conventional pyrolysis.
Microwave Heating Application, Microwave and High Frequency.
Rodriguez-Clemente, Continuous precipitation of hydroxyapatite from Ca/citrate/phosphate solutions using microwave heating, Crystal Res.
CEM, which specializes in microwave instrumentation, incorporates microwave heating into the SMART System5 series of analyzers.
For BPH treatment, the company is using a patented transurethral catheter technology, which incorporates microwave heating and balloon compression.
Susceptor fillers for induction and microwave heating operate by different mechanisms but produce the same effect: heat.

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