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Informatics A series of software operating systems and graphical user interfaces produced by Microsoft since 1985
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By supporting the most current Windows technology platforms and the Microsoft Windows Vista beta, we are providing our customers with the enhancements they have requested.
Get Ready for Vista" -- The new release comes with support for the latest beta version of Microsoft Windows Vista -- including Internet Explorer 7, Windows Installer 4, and other important new technologies -- to help software producers prepare their solutions for delivery when the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system becomes generally available.
Voltaire solutions supporting Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 are now available through Voltaire's original equipment manufacturer (OEM), integrator and reseller channels.
We see great value in the embedded management capabilities both in Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 and Voltaire Grid Backbone solutions.
Melio FS now utilizes Microsoft Windows infrastructure technologies such as Distributed File System, Network Load Balancing, and Microsoft iSCSI initiator.
The new generation products allow administrators to have more scalable and flexible deployments, and also provides for utilization of existing infrastructure using Microsoft Windows based technology, thus minimizing any learning curve.
The combination of Microsoft Windows technologies with the Tacit Networks Ishared solution is unique in its ability to provide these business benefits while maintaining network security through support of Windows' mutual authentication and SMB signing capabilities.
Organizations affected include those using Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 4.
Voltaire, the worldwide leader in grid backbone solutions, today announced a complete InfiniBand-based switching solution and software stack to support Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003.

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