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A series of studies on the effects of early intervention with metoprolol on short-term—2 weeks—and long-term mortality post-acute MI
Conclusion Overall mortality at 1 year was 10.6% in early metoprolol patients vs. 10.7% for placebo patients
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The numbers are staggering: one-half--1,124,100 people--of Miamians are foreign born, of these, only 44.
Last year, for the second time in the center of the city, Miamians celebrated September 15, the real Mexican Independence Day.
Rather, after eight years, prominent Miamians have come to accept his column or have figured out that their complaints are not going to tame the man promoted in Herald ads as "Carl of the Wild.
Miami, a company in Wynwood specializing in domain name registrations, has announced that more than 1,000 Miamians have made requests for.
The purpose of Leadership Miami is to prepare the next generation of Miamians to meet future challenges.
Together, these programs have given legal assistance to thousands of Miamians over the past few years, said Georgie Angones, a nonlawyer Foundation board member from Coral Gables.
According to new quantitative research conducted by Puritan's Pride, Miamians purchased 5.
A serious entrepreneur, after years of planning weddings and private parties for Miamians, Cardentey co-founded A&E Elegant Creations where he will continue to serve as Chief Event Planner.
Share2Meet is an initiative of Rosalie Lober and Dick Raman, two Miamians who became excited by the possibility that professional networking can be creative, inspiring and designed to showcase expertise with like-minded professionals.
The benefit concert offers Miamians a chance to be together, listen to great music and raise desperately needed aid.
For Miami, that building is the Ralph Munroe Marine Stadium, a modernist concrete structure that was designed to bring Miamians closer to one of their city's most prized asset-the water," said Jason Clement, the National Trust for Historic Preservation's director of community outreach and project manager for Miami Marine Stadium.

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