Meyerson, L.B.

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L.B., 20th century U.S. dermatologist.
Meyerson nevus - Synonym(s): Meyerson phenomenon
Meyerson phenomenon - an eczematous, papulosquamous reaction around a melanocytic nevus. Synonym(s): halo dermatitis; Meyerson nevus
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Here we describe two girls with Meyerson phenomenon within PWS.
We diagnosed Meyerson phenomenon within her PWS and prescribed a mild topical corticosteroid (alclometa sone) ointment for 2 weeks.
Our two patients differ in possible contribution of laser treatment to the development of Meyerson phenomenon within their PWS: although initial laser treatment lightened the nevi in both, in the first case laser-induced inflammation completely subsided over a 2-month period prior to the appearance of dermatitis.