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A portmanteau of metropolitan and heterosexual
adjective Referring to a self-aware and often self-centred heterosexual man (noun) who is less troglodytic than the average heterosexual man, more concerned about his appearance and displays characteristics—love of art, culture and shopping—which are more typically seen in gay men
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What most sets Pete apart as a man, beyond the macho and the metrosexual, is his faith.
Global acceptance of the metrosexual male is undeniable, according to Nielsen's research.
I found out that people had contradictory opinions about what being metrosexual was.
I have NEVER understood the attraction to the metrosexual skinny guy, whose cheekbones are better than your own, and whose jeans you couldn't hope to squeeze into.
a metrosexual has been defined as "an urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle", according to www.
Texas beauty pageant coach Susan Clark (G-Lo Salon, Stephenville, TX) switches places with metrosexual "stylist to the stars" Peter Ishkans (Bhava Salon, West Hollywood, CA).
And instead of staring at a preened, eyebrow-plucked, wrinkle-removed, moisturised metrosexual woof, they'll see a fat, XXXX-swigging, foulmouthed, macho man who knows how to treat a Sheila.
London, October 29 ( ANI ): Shane Warne may have undergone a metrosexual makeover to impress fiancAee Elizabeth Hurley, but it seems the 47-year-old actress also gets much joy by seeing the cricket star switch to his old look.
ALEX Reid announced he is trying out a new metrosexual lifestyle.
COINED in the mid '90s and popularised almost a decade later in relation to David Beckham, the term metrosexual is now firmly embedded in popular culture, redefining so-called masculine norms It's now acceptable for men to clutter the bathroom with beauty products, and spend hundreds of pounds on their clothes and bodies.
The birth of the metrosexual man just a few years ago led to a wave of toiletries and even make-up designed to appeal to the well-groomed bloke.