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methamphetamine, methylamphetamine

a central nervous system stimulant and pressor drug; used as the hydrochloride salt. See also amphetamine.
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Users also report perceptions of increasing purity of methylamphetamine
Gyger, who has no previous drug convictions, was jailed for four years after admitting producing methylamphetamine - at the time a Class B drug but now reclassified as Class A because it is so dangerous.
She warned of "very serious" consequences if methylamphetamine - known as crystal meth or "ice"-secured a hold in the UK.
Hyder, 32 of Savile Street, Dewsbury, was jailed in May this year for nine years and six months after admitting conspiracy to produce methylamphetamine and possessing cannabis and another drug.
He also admitted two conspiracies to supply amphetamine between January and April this year, and possessing methylamphetamine, a Class A drug, with intent to supply.
The certificate said he had a one-10,000th of a substance resembling methylamphetamine.
On analysis of the liquid in the phial, it was found to contain methylamphetamine.
CRYSTAL meth, or methylamphetamine, was reclassified as a Class A drug last year.
Methylamphetamine, or crystal meth, is rapidly becoming a global problem, according to a narcotics watchdog.
Luke Carey, 24, admitted giving methylamphetamine to 16-year-old Poppy Rodgers at a house in York in April last year.
Jagger was accused of being in possession of four tablets containing amphetamine sulphate and methylamphetamine hydrochloride on the same date.
This morning he ought also to be rateful that, after admitting the production of methylamphetamine, he received a prison term of just four years.