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Agent obtained from anisic acid; used in perfumery.
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The specific MVOC previously identified, methoxybenzene (or anisole), was also found in the chamber studies (Table 1).
Anisole, or methoxybenzene, although structurally related to 1,4-dimethoxybenzne, did not result in increased capture compared with unbaited control traps.
Methoxybenzene when the radical is grafted to the silicon surface, the orientation of bonds F (phenyl) -OCH3 is modified from the other radicals contain aryl groups such as NO2 and F-Br the bond F-Br remains perpendicular to the surface of silicon.
The LOMO-1 is also localized over the same atoms but shows double bond character between the central carbon atoms, while LUMO +2 orbital is localized on the acceptor (nitro benzene, methoxybenzene and cyno benzene) groups.