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Measuring Effects on Intima Media Thickness: An Evaluation of Rosuvastatin Ongoing Trial. A trial that evaluated the effect of rosuvastatin on carotid intima-media thickness in asymptomatic patients with a low risk of coronary heart disease events
Conclusion The change in maximum carotid intima-media thickness for the 12 carotid artery sites was -0.0014 mm/year for the rosuvastatin group vs. +0.0131 mm/year for the placebo group (p < 0.001). Similar results were observed for segment-specific rates, except for the change in the internal carotid artery, which was p = 0.02
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Visibility, and thus meteor counts, should improve as the radiant climbs higher and the Moon sets after midnight.
One of the year's best chances to see a meteor - the annual "Quadrantids" meteor shower - is expected to peak with the year just a few days old.
The best times to see these meteors are from midnight to dawn the following day.
The meteors get their name from the point in the sky from which they appear to come from, in this case that's (https://www.
It takes place from December 4 to 17 with its peak activity being around December 14 when up to 100 meteors or 'shooting stars' can be seen every hour.
The Geminid meteor shower is nearly 200 years old, according to known records and its first recorded observation was in 1833 from the Mississippi River, USA.
The Geminids are considered one of the best meteor showers every year because the individual meteors are bright, and the peak can see meteors stream across the sky at rates as high as 120 meteors an hour," according to the Dubai Astronomy Group.
Meteors were spotted from Falmouth to Herne Bay, and as far north as Lancaster.
But Mendoza said the meteor shower would be most visible from January 3 to January 4, from midnight until dawn in the Philippines.
The Orionids tend to be one of the lesser-known showers in the meteor calendar but they produce some decent rates of observable meteors.
BEIRUT: Many people living in Lebanon flocked to the mountains Friday to catch a glimpse of the famed annual Perseid meteor shower, where as many as 200 meteors per hour can fill the skies.