Pertaining to illumination between the photopic and scotopic ranges.
[meso- + G. opsis, vision]


Ability to see at low levels of light (e.g., at twilight).
mesopic (mĕs-ŏp′ĭk), adjective
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Photopic and mesopic measurements were taken sequentially from right eyes, left eyes, and both eyes together.
56) Conversely, colour vision under mesopic conditions may diminish.
Tests such as the contrast sensitivity test were performed in highly mesopic illumination conditions (12 lux).
The potential benefits relate to mesopic vision--the transition in the human eye from cone sensitivity to rod sensitivity in lower light situations.
Ocular higher-order aberrations and mesopic pupil size in Individuals screened for refractive surgery.
The PLR-200 monocular infrared pupillometer (Neu rOptics; Irvine, California) was used to quantify PLR under mesopic conditions (approximately 3 cd/[m.
For these situations, metrics involving mesopic vision and scene brightness perception exist.
The visual environment at 70[degrees] N is predominantly mesopic to scotopic in winter.
In outdoor segment NTL Lemnis showcased street lights based on revolutionary Mesopic Technology that has been developed for providing clear visibility like day on the streets in the night.
Mesopic radial frequency contrast sensitivity function for young and older adults.