mesangial cell

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mes·an·gi·al cell

a phagocytic cell in the capillary tuft of the renal glomerulus, interposed between endothelial cells and the basement membrane in the central or stalk region of the tuft.


of the nature of or pertaining to mesangium.

mesangial cell
connective tissue cells of the glomerulus; occur singly or in pairs in a thin matrix.
mesangial sclerosis
increased mesangial matrix.
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In the CB control rats, the urinary space and the mesangial cells within the glomerulus was swollen due to oedema; while enlarged proximal convoluted tubule and distal convoluted tubules was observed.
Indeed, no other renal lipidosis shows prominent and widespread myelin bodies in podocytes, mesangial cells, endothelial cells, proximal tubules, interstitial cells, and arterial endothelial cells.
Previous study has reported that the BMP7- induced inhibition of TGF-ss-dependent profibrogenic activities in mesangial cells requires SMAD5 (Wang and Hirschberg, 2004).
sup][30] Estrogen treatment increased the expression and activity of MMP-9 in in mesangial cells isolated from glomerulosclerosis-resistant mice, predominantly through estrogen receptor (ER) a activation.
29 In another study it was observed that EGb761 delays the development of glomerulosclerosis by preventing hypertrophy and accumulation of extracellular matrix in the mesangial cells of diabetic rats.
Metformin inhibits nuclear factorkappaB activation and inflammatory cytokines expression induced by high glucose via adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase activation in rat glomerular mesangial cells in vitro.
37 High levels of reactive oxygen species in endothelial and mesangial cells were also demonstrated.
TNF-[alpha] is cytotoxic to glomerular and mesangial cells and could directly cause renal injury (Kolati et al.
Inhibitors of proliferation of mesangial cells, for example, leukotriene antagonists, may offer therapeutic options for the treatment of proliferative glomerular diseases [29].
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