mesangial cell

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mes·an·gi·al cell

a phagocytic cell in the capillary tuft of the renal glomerulus, interposed between endothelial cells and the basement membrane in the central or stalk region of the tuft.


of the nature of or pertaining to mesangium.

mesangial cell
connective tissue cells of the glomerulus; occur singly or in pairs in a thin matrix.
mesangial sclerosis
increased mesangial matrix.
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Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (MPGN) is characterized by profound hypocomplementemia, mesangial cell proliferation, mesangial interposition, and the deposition of immunoglobulins and complements in the peripheral portion of the nodules (fringe) formed by merging of glomerular capillaries.
To the Editor: In 2003, two cDNA strands were identified in a human mesangial cell line during experimental screening for genes upregulated by angiotensin II (1).
Angiotensin II, the main effector of this pathway and a potent vasoconstrictor, causes glomerular hyperfiltration, mesangial cell proliferation, ROS generation and expansion of ECM, leading to tissue fibrosis.
Both the endothelial cell and mesangial cell have angiotensin I receptors; by antagonizing or blocking these receptors, we can prevent the excessive remodeling within the glomerulus and its mesangium, just as we have done in the myocardium and the arterial vessel wall.
officinalis--loganin and morroniside--in diabetic mice and renal mesangial cell cultures exposed to advanced glycation end products (Xu et al.
Primary pulmonary squamous cell carcinoma associated with elevated IL-6, leukocytosis, hypercalcemia, phagocytosis, reactive lymphadenopathy and glomerular mesangial cell proliferation via the production of PTH-rP and G-CSF.
The characteristic of histological renal lesion of IgA-N is a tumour of mesangial cell proliferative GN.
Dietary fish oil supplementation has been shown to reduce progression of renal disease among patients with IgA nephropathy (22) and to suppress mesangial cell activation and proliferation in animal models (23).
This protein, called Angrem52 (for angiotensin II-induced, renal mesangial cell gene 52), displays 53% amino acid identity and 73% amino acid similarity over 337 amino acids (aa) to the Nipah virus matrix protein (data not shown).
CuraGen's CR002 is a fully human monoclonal antibody that specifically recognizes and blocks the active form of PDGF-D, a naturally occurring protein and potent stimulator of mesangial cell growth, which is an underlying cause of glomerulonephritis.
Attenuation of mouse mesangial cell contractility by high glucose and mannitol: involvement of protein kinase C and focal adhesion kinase.