mercury vapor lamp

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mer·cu·ry va·por lamp

a lamp in which the electric arc is in an ionized mercury vapor atmosphere; it produces ultraviolet light that can be used therapeutically or in diagnostic photometry.
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According to Blandford, "When you use mercury vapor lamps on black ink you slow the press way down.
At Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, MI, security managers had the option of converting the high-security lighting fixtures in 244 walk-ways from 250-watt mercury vapor lamps to either 150-watt high-pressure sodium or 250-watt high-pressure sodium lamps.
Also a gaseous discharge light, mercury vapor lamps emit a blue-white color and are generally considered more efficient than incandescent lamps.
Contract notice: Supply character somministrativo luminaire for public lighting, equipped with led light source, to be installed in place of those with mercury vapor lamps are located in the streets and public gardens in the town of montespertoli (fi) cig 63331443c2.
Due to the new Federal EPA regulations on fluorescent and mercury vapor lamps, which went into effect on January 6th, 2000, most non-residential facilities are now required to properly dispose of their lamps.
The lighting was updated four additional times -- in 1965, 1972, 1980 and 1990 -- with GE fixtures and incandescent and mercury vapor lamps.
GE manufactured mercury vapor lamps in the building at 722 Grand Street from approximately 1919 to 1948.
The acquisition forms of street lighting mercury vapor lamps, high pressure sodium lamps to replace the EU Regulations (EC) 245/2009 and (EC) 347/2010.
Contract notice: Replacement of street lights with high pressure mercury vapor lamps with led lights in the city