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Mercer, Ramona T.

a nursing theorist who developed the Maternal Role Attainment model presented in her book First-Time Motherhood: Experiences from Teens to Forties (1986). Maternal role attainment is an interactional and developmental process. It occurs over a period during which the mother becomes attached to her infant, acquires competence in the care-giving tasks, and expresses pleasure and gratification in her role. The focus of Mercer's work went beyond the concept of the "traditional" mother to encompass a variety of mothering roles, maternal age, health status, family functioning, mother-father relationship, and infant characteristics. Mercer considers a mate's love, support, and nurturance to be important factors in enabling a woman to mother her child.
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The court was told Janette Mercer received a warning for harassment the previous year and Danielle verbally abused police when they arrested Joseph earlier this year.
But most of its application to evict the family rests on the behaviour of Sean Mercer.
The Trust's barrister Paul Burns said in written submissions to the court: "The actions of Janette Mercer and her family have devastated this community and attracted the attention of the nation.