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1. An offensive smell; a stench.
2. A poisonous or foul-smelling gas emitted from the earth.
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Trap success of striped skunks, Mephitis mephitis, is influenced by variables such as year, month, weather, and sex of the animal.
Recurrence, mortality and dispersal of prairie striped skunks, Mephitis mephitis, and implications to rabies epizootiology.
Parameters of population and seasonal activity of striped skunks, Mephitis mephitis, in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
x] [+ or -] SD) Metazoa 98 Insecta (Formicidae) 2 Reptilia (Colubridae) 2 Trace Aves 34 4 [+ or -] 13 Cathartidae 34 4 [+ or -] 13 Meleagris gallipavo 2 Mammalia 98 96 [+ or -] 14 Odocoileus virginianus 42 30 [+ or -] 44 Procyon lotor 37 32 [+ or -] 45 Didelphis virginiana 18 17 [+ or -] 37 Mephitis mephitis 15 13 [+ or -] 33 Felis catus 3 2 [+ or -] 13 Scalopus aquaticus 2 0 Sciurus niger 2 2 [+ or -] 13 Sylvilagus floridanus 2 1 [+ or -] 6 Plantae 85 Poaceae 37 Unknown 29 Quercus leaves 15 Thatch 3 Juniperus virginiana 2 Leaf litter 2 Unidentified twig 2 Unidentified seeds 2 Non-biological material 11 Soil 6 Plastic 6 Polystyrene 2 Paper bag 2
The western spotted skunk Spilogale gracilis and the striped skunk Mephitis mephitis occur sympatrically throughout much of western North America (Rosatte and Lariviere, 2003).
mephitis and implantation for both (1 February-14 May), summer or post-parturition and rearing of young (15 May-31 August), autumn or dispersal for both and breeding season for S.
mephitis during spring and both species had the highest rate of movement in autumn (Fig.
mephitis in the Great Plains region was through the agricultural matrix at 8.
mephitis in Texas as were reported in other parts of the geographic range of this species.
striped skunk Mephitis mephitis, Chihuahuan raven) may be less likely to find a well-concealed nest, but small predators (e.
Of these, five mammals (big brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus; little brown bat, Myotis lucifugas; eastern chipmunk, Tamias striatus; eastern gray squirrel, Sciurus carolinenesis; and domestic rabbit, Oryctologus cuniculus) were from four counties (Albany, Columbia, Bronx, and Rensselaer) in New York State and one (eastern striped skunk, Mephitis mephitis) was from Fairfield County, Connecticut.
TABLE 5--Relative activity (number of sightings/100 trap nights) of Lynx rufas, Ursus americanus, Mephitis mephitis, Odocoileus hemionus, and Cerous elaphus in five treatments on Lincoln National Forest, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico, 2006.