Menyanthes trifoliata

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Herbal medicine
A perennial aquatic herb that contains alkaloids, essential oil, flavonoids, glycosides and saponin; it is a gastric tonic and mildly sedative, and has been used for rheumatic complaints.
Large doses may cause vomiting and diarrhoea.

Menyanthes trifoliata,

n See bogbean.
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Vaccinium macrocarpon and Menyanthes trifoliata were also present on the mat.
The fen mat was occupied by Menyanthes trifoliata, Scripus validus-type, Andromeda glaucophylla and Vaccinium macrocarpon.
Menyanthes trifoliata, Potentilla palustris and Salix pedicellaris (Montagnes, 1990).
X X Dulichium arundinaceum Fuirena pumila Ceratophyllum demersum X Nuphar advena X X Nymphaea odorata X Brasenia schreberi X Sarracenia purpurea Impatiens capensis Myriophyllum exalbescens X Andromeda glaucophylla Chamaedaphne calyculata Vaccinium macrocarpon Menyanthes trifoliata Bidens sp.
Menyanthes trifoliata seeds are bigger and round (length 2.
In other cases individual characteristics of seeds explain the extent of the spatial distribution of macrofossils over the lake surface: tiny and wind-dispersed seeds of Typha latifolia are extensively distributed whereas limited distribution was observed for large seeds as in the case of Menyanthes trifoliata and Iris pseudacorus.
Menyanthes trifoliata, Sarracenia purpurea and Vaccinium macrocarpon are often present locally.
Calopogon pulchellus, Drosera rotundefolia, Menyanthes trifoliata, Osmunda regalis, Potentilla palustris, Sarracenia purpurea, Triglochin maritima and Vaccinium macrocarpon are present locally.