Mentha spicata

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A perennial herb used as a carminative in tea. It may be of use for hirsutism in women due to anti-androgenic effects, with the caveat that it causes lipid peroxidation in the kidney and liver. Spearmint oil has antifungal activity, which is less than that of oregano, as well as anti-oxidant activity.

Mentha spicata,

n spearmint. See mint.
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Chemical composition and inhibitory effect of Mentha spicata essential oil on the corrosion of steel in molar hydrochloric acid.
It is a sterile hybrid of mentha spicata and mentha aquatica which makes you wonder about Minthe
The word by itself suggests Unani influences and the use of distillate of Mentha spicata (which can be also essential oil from the plant) suggests Unani medicinal influences.
Asi, nos propusimos realizar la presente investigacion para determinar la actividad anti-Tripanosoma cruzi in vitro de los aceites esenciales de Mentha X piperita L (menta), Rosmarinus officinalis L (romero), Chenopodium ambrosioides L (paico), Eucaliptus globulus Labill (eucalipto), Artemisia absinthium L (ajenjo), Melissa officinalis L (toronjil), Minthostachys setosa Brig (muna), Cimbopogon citratus (hierba luisa), Aloysia triphylla (cedron) y Mentha spicata L (hierba buena).
Mae'n siwr mai'r mintys sydd fwya' cyfarwydd i ni ydi'r Mentha spicata, y mintys ysbigog, neu'r 'spearmint' yn Saesneg.
40 Indegofera trifoliate 41 Isadon rugosus 42 Lanthyrus aphaca 4 Launea procumbens 44 Male fern 45 Mentha longifolia 46 Mentha spicata L.
Abd El- Wahab (2009), Studied the productivity of Mentha spicata in four locations in Upper Egypt: Beni-Suef, Sohag, Qena and Aswan Governorates, the highest content of carvon was obtained from Qena (53.
Peppermint, the sterile tetraploid hybrid of Mentha aquatica and Mentha spicata, is commonly cultivated for commercial production of the essential oil, the drug Menthae piperitae folium, and the fresh herb.