Pierre E., French physician, 1859-1935. See: Ménétrier disease, Ménétrier syndrome.
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Menetrier, leader of the ballet, became Marquise de Cussy.
L'art menetrier est, pour nous, aujourd'hui, l'art de jouer de la musique pour la danse ou, plutot, avec la danse, et, plus generalement, l'art d'apprehender la musique en l'associant a un autre art (escrime, theatre -) et au mouvement.
Risk factors include familial adenomatous polyposis, chronic atrophic gastritis, pernicious anemia, history of partial gastrectomy (after 15-20 years), and Menetrier disease.
The main causes of protein-losing enteropathy in children are primary or secondary intestinal lymphangiectesia, Menetrier disease, inflammatory and immunological disorders.
It may mimic other gastric processes, including peptic ulcer disease, Menetrier disease, localized hypertrophic gastritis, Crohn disease, and carcinoma, both clinically and radiographically.
Defending barrister Jeremy Gibbons said Menetrier blamed the shame of the case for his wife's death and would have to live with the guilt for the rest of his life.
But despite his orchestrations chances for Ian Sharps, Sean Thornton and Simon Haworth all failed to test Michael Menetrier in the Bournemouth goal.
Bournemouth's stand-in goalkeeper, Michael Menetrier, signed on a non-contract basis from non-league Salisbury City, was hardly extended on his day on the big stage.
And Bournemouth keeper Mike Menetrier made important late saves from Haworth and a Sean Thornton header as Rovers failed to make their possession count.
Spira A, Ducot B, Guihard-Moscato M-L, Job-Spira N, Mayaux M-J, Menetrier J, Wattiaux J.
Subs: Menetrier, Smith, O'Connor, Eribenne, Keeler.
Subs not used: Menetrier, Smith, O'Connor, Eribenne, Keeler.