Melting Pot

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A popular term for a region where multiple ethnic groups intermingle culturally, and often intermarry, resulting in increased genetic diversity
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When it became apparent during the decades before World War I that immigrants were not giving up the ways of their origins as the price of assimilation and were not mixing together in the great crucible to form the new American, the melting-pot idea as a natural laissez-faire process was abandoned.
Theoretically, the melting-pot model is one of several answers to the question: What is the best way of integrating disparate peoples into a single nation?
When the melting-pot vision is measured against these combined processes that are the necessary conditions of its creation, it has no basis in reality.
20 However, while some degree of amalgamation occurs between groups in a pluralistic society, it is not often a total societal process in the sense meant by the melting-pot theory.
For all its somewhat ahistorical idealism, the melting-pot metaphor still represents the standard around which fervent proponents of assimilation have rallied over the years.
These two corollaries of the melting-pot metaphor have long invited criticism by those who thought they were inconsistent with the ethnic realities of American society.
Cultural pluralism rejects melting-pot assimilationism not on empirical grounds, but on ideological ones.