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J.C., Danish physician. See: Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen syndrome.
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When I came to the Philharmonic, some were playing Yamahas for a couple of years, and before that, we had three people playing Melchoirs, some people were playing a Hoyer or a Monig, it was all mixed.
Just a year after graduating, Aneurin Barnard was awarded the Olivier for Best Actor in a Musical for his West End debut, as Melchoir in Spring Awakening.
Dubai When Gulf News reader Stephan Melchoir went looking for the best BlackBerry phone, the saleswoman at the counter was as clueless about its options as he was.
Hans Walter Gabler, Wolfhard Steppe, and Claus Melchoir.
Melchoir added her Norfolk Terrier, Katie, to the policy in 2007 when the pup was nine weeks old.
Brown, Melchoir, Panter, Slaughter, & Huda, (2000) also found that people might feel ready to change their lives in one life-domain, which brings the person to treatment, although they're not ready to change their substance use.
Hearing baritone John Salvi's King Melchoir made the price of admission the bargain of the year.
Commonly known as Balthasar, Melchoir, and Caspar in the West, they were even considered the patron saints of traveling before St.
He and his blue demon sidekick, Melchoir (who also is his laptop computer), uncover the plot while hacking into the Fates' system.
Among other highlights of his year was the ceremony at Coventry Cathedral last October when Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Rabbi Michael Melchoir and Sheikh Tal El Sider, a senior adviser to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, were awarded the Coventry Peace Prize along with Michel Sabbah, the Latin Patriarch of the Roman Catholic Church in the Holy Land.
The Dog Who Was a Cat Inside" Andrew Ruhemann, Sian Rees, Siri Melchoir
and the term religious 50 times," said Melchoir, "but goes on to talk about how it's dangerous to define the term `religion.