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Georg, German histologist, 1829-1905. See: Meissner corpuscle, Meissner plexus.
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Meisner states, "I build great sales teams with a passion for what they are doing and a culture of 'happy sales people equals happy customers'.
Meisner was one of the cardinals who took part in the conclave that elected Pope Francis on March 13 last year but has now lost the right to elect a future pope because he has reached the age threshold of 80.
Meisner subsequently clarified through a spokesperson that "if, after a rape, a supplement is used with the inten[t] of preventing fertilization, that is in my view justifiable," according to Deutsche Welle.
Recollecting Pope's old self, Meisner said that the Pope was much fitter and stronger earlier and it shocks him to see how much the Pope has thinned down.
It made sense to Meisner, who, after she never heard back from Chemeketa officials, decided to take matters into her own hands.
The Crusaders continued their onslaught in the third, firing shot after shot at Meisner.
You can imagine this is a whole new world for them and we're trying to be sensitive to that," Meisner said.
Dasgupta, Susmita, Benoit Laplante, Craig Meisner, David Wheeler, and David Jianping Yan.
Meisner failed to pay income taxes on an average of $150,000 annual royalty income after her divorce from Randall Meisner, a member of the rock group the Eagles.
Jonathan Rosen and Perry Meisner of GVA Williams acted in-house on behalf of the landlord, 902 Associates led by Jonathan Rosen.
The goal of this project was the design and construction of a device that would use a Hall sensor and the Meisner Effect to measure the effectiveness of a material as a superconductor.
Nancy Nathanson and Scott Meisner weren't ready to leave public office.