A neologism for medicine’s working parlance which has a core vocabulary of abbreviations, jargon, acronyms and neologisms based on the classics—Greek & Latin—video games, movies, the Internet, television, and other sources
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IBM has introduced a new system for general medicine, ViaVoice 98, the standalone product, and MedSpeak Solution Developers Kit General Medical Edition, for integrating the voice recognition system into hospital information systems.
But the system, using IBM's MedSpeak Radiology on 25 workstations throughout the department, worked well.
The alliance, "will give our customers the most powerful and flexible radiology dictation system on the market," says Ken King, IBM Medspeak Software Development Manager.
According to NYU Medical Center Neuroradiologist Edmond Knopp, an early Medspeak user who now uses TalkStation(TM), "We now use a system that is very user-friendly and improved beyond anything we've seen or used before.
IBM's MedSpeak product is a continuous speech recognition solution that can be utilized in healthcare settings to allow physicians, particularly radiologists and pathologists, to create their own diagnostic test reports easily and almost instantaneously - simply by speaking aloud.
ProgRIS has always had an interface with the MedSpeak product; now, we've embedded it.
MedSpeak includes an extension to its stand-alone speech recognition application that allows other Windows NT/95 desktop applications to embed the fundamental technology contained in MedSpeak.
Through the integration of MedSpeak technology, Per-Se has enhanced the solution they offer to their clients," said Katherine Hanniford, IBM MedSpeak Solutions Manager.
ADAC has integrated the MedSpeak technology into its existing radiology information system, QuadRIS(TM).
Sherie Giles, Radiology Product Manager for ADAC commented, "QuadRIS' client/server environment enables us to easily integrate MedSpeak into our Physician Desktop module.