medium-chain fatty acid

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medium-chain fatty acid (MCFA)

a fatty acid having a chain length roughly 8 to 12 carbons long. It is absorbed directly into the portal blood, bypassing the lymphatic system.
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Caregivers will find instructions for introducing medium-chain fatty acids into the diet, with recipes included.
Comparative efficiency of various fats rich in medium-chain fatty acids to suppress ruminal methanogenesis as measured with RUSITEC.
5-50 [micro]mol/L for 3OHFA and medium-chain fatty acids in water.
Long-chain fatty acids were added to a plasma pool at a concentration of 25 [micro]mol/L, and medium-chain fatty acids and 3OHFAs were added at 12.
Milk fat in group L cows had a significantly higher proportion of short-chain fatty acids and medium-chain fatty acids, and a lower proportion of long-chain fatty acids, compared with milk fat in the other groups.
Under severe NEB, the concentrations of short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids decrease, while the content of long-chain fatty acids increases.
In relation to chain length, the inclusion of palm kernel meal reduced the average length of the fatty acid chains, due to an increase in medium-chain fatty acids and a reduction in long-chain fatty acids.
The medium-chain fatty acids increased as the long chain fatty acids decreased (Table 5).
Most of the short and medium-chain fatty acids in the milk fat were unchanged or tended to decrease for the supplementation of CaSO or CaLO treatments, except the butyrate (Tables 6 and 7).
The concentration of medium-chain fatty acids decreased in soybean oil and fish oil with soybean oil milks compared with control and fish oil milks.

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