Medicine Bundle

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A collection of objects—e.g., animal skins, powders, stones, etc.—that may be carried by Native Americans, which are believed to have healing powers
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Caption: Marcel Petiquay, second from right, puts a copy of his poem and a medicine bundle in a suitcase as a gesture of healing and reconciliation as (L to R) Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Bishop Dennis Drainville, Harold Petiquay and the Rev.
The Medicine Bundle is a major step towards rediscovery of our health, directed by our own people, through our own voices," says Leslie Lounsbury, Publisher of Medicine Bundle.
And it's up to us to carry around medicine bundles of our own making.
What was beautiful to watch was a few of the four- and five-year-old girls (my own daughter included) perform their own ceremony utilizing our spiritual leader's medicine bundle.
Despite criticism from members of the provincial government, Conaty oversaw the return of more than 50 medicine bundles to the Blackfoot and Cree communities from 1990-2000.
Chapter 4 more fully explores 'bundles' in the North American context through; for example, Native American medicine bundles and the implications of their transfer for religions, and "repositionings and translations of entire social fields" (p.
Set in a timeless space "as in a creation story," this twelve-scene play flows together as a story of the creation of the Talyi-dai, or "boy medicine," which remains with the Kiowa today as medicine bundles.
Perceived as a medium of communication with the Great Spirit (Gitchee Manitou), when its function has been fulfilled, the drum should be properly laid to rest in the earth and buried like bear claws and medicine bundles (p.
In proper council etiquette this group of passionate women encircled a display of Indian artifacts, herbs, and medicine bundles.
Many of the artifacts, such as specific Medicine Bundles are considered to be spiritually or metaphorically alive.
In addition, his casket held an Indian doll, a china plate with a picture of a horse, various medicine bundles and a stuffed black bear cub, representing the mother bear and cubs that so delighted him at his Ball Club Reservation cabin in Northern Minnesota.
Although stripped of many of its medicine bundles and much of its clothing, and broken or damaged in several areas, this figure still possesses an awesome, indefinable power and presence all its own.