Medicare Part B

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Med·i·care Part B

(med'i-kār pahrt)
The portion of the U.S. Medicare Program that helps pay for physician services, outpatient hospital care, durable medical equipment, and some services not covered by Medicare Part A.
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Not the least among the laundry list of changes providers of skilled nursing care face in coming months, directly affecting their post-acute care delivery of services and bottom line, is the $1,500 per year cap on payments for Medicare Part B services and supplies for a patient receiving rehabilitation therapy.
HCFA provides a capitation payment (per beneficiary, per month) to the Funds for Part B services otherwise administered by Medicare Part B carriers.
By 2010, if the current rate of spending is not reduced, Federal outlays for Medicare Part B alone will be equal to more than two percent of the nation's gross domestic product.
Most nursing homes were not doing enough high-acuity care and rehabilitation to build up their Part A rates in 1995; many others were not reporting the use of contract therapy services in their annual Medicare cost report because these therapies were being billed directly to HCFA under Medicare Part B.
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