medical informatics

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health informatics

A term that means variously:
(1) The range of information technology (IT) and information-analysis skills and services required in the NHS.
(2) The application of IT to improve management of patient data, population data and other information relevant to patient care and community health, teaching, biomedical research, and advancing medical knowledge.
(3) The cognitive processes of medical decision-making and processing of medical information, including the technology and communication tasks of medical practice, education and research.
Bioinformatics, clinical informatics, consumer-health informatics.

medical informatics

Computers The use of computers and information technology in support of Pt care, teaching, biomedical research. See Artificial intelligence, Computers, Expert system, Electronic journal, Electronic publishing, MEDLINE, Online database.

medical informatics

Informatics applied to medical knowledge, practice, management, education, and research. This process includes computer technology, internet access, and electronic applications and devices.
See also: informatics

medical informatics,

n the field of information science concerned with the analysis and dissemination of medical data through the application of computers to various aspects of health care and medicine.
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At Thomas Jefferson University, Academic Information Research and Services (AISR), has designed a required online Medical Informatics course for 230 first year medical students.
Clearly, medical informatics is a critical component and a potentially powerful change agent in the evolution of the health care industry.
In addition to the traditional bibliographic and factual databases which it has provided for several decades, NLM has sponsored research and training in medical informatics and encouraged investigators to contribute to advances in biomedical communication.
Biomedical Informatics is the field concerned with the management and use of information in health care, and can be broken down into bioinformatics (at the molecular level), medical informatics (at the individual patient level) and public health informatics (at the population level).
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 2001;8:349-350
Sadly, however, much of the innovative research work in medical informatics and many of the excellent academic health science center libraries are in universities without programs in LIS education(6) or in universities which have closed their LIS programs.
Medical informatics also demonstrates how to define, standardize, store, communicate, retrieve and analyze health care data for decision making, quality improvement and outcomes management.
Medical informatics should become an integral part of the medical curriculum.
TheraDoc's founders and core medical informatics team are internationally recognized for their pioneering work in medical expert systems.
July 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- PRA, a leading Clinical Research Organization, announces that the head of our Scientific and Medical Affairs group, Kent Thoelke, will discuss critical issues in medical informatics and feasibility at the 3rd Annual Effective Business Development Outsourcing Relationships Conference being held 19-21 July 2011 in Philadelphia.
Connecting medical informatics and bio-informatics; proceedings.

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