medial condyle of tibia

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me·di·al con·dyle of tib·i·a

one of two bony masses at the superior end of the tibia that receives the corresponding condyle of the femur; the medial condyle is the shorter condyle closest to the midline.
Synonym(s): condylus medialis tibiae [TA]
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Medial condyle Contact point: average magnitude of anterior-posterior translation of tibiofemoral contact points on medial tibial condyle (mm).
Li, 2006) reported tibiofemoral contact points on the medial tibial condyle in the ACLD knee were significantly more posterior than that of the contralateral intact knee at 0 and 15[degrees] of knee flexion.
The tibiofemoral contact point on the medial tibial condyle translated posteriorly with knee flexion for both groups.
There were no significant differences at any flexion angles between the groups for the tibiofemoral contact point on the medial tibial condyle (Figure 6).
Articular surface hyperintensity of both femoral condyles and the medial tibial condyle with subchondral fracture at the latter is noted.

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