medial cuneiform bone

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medial cuneiform bone

the largest of three cuneiform bones of the foot, situated on the medial side of the tarsus, between the scaphoid bone and the first metatarsal. It serves as the attachment for various ligaments, the tendons of the tibialis anterior, and the peroneus longus. It articulates with the scaphoid, the intermediate cuneiform, and the first and second metatarsals. Also called internal cuneiform bone.

me·di·al cu·ne·i·form bone

(mē'dē-ăl kyū-nē'i-fōrm bōn)
The largest of the three cuneiform bones, the medial bone of the distal row of the tarsus, articulating with the intermediate cuneiform, navicular, and first and second metatarsal bones.
Synonym(s): wedge bone.
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18) It may articulate with the medial cuneiform or be attached to the first metatarsal base.
Weight-bearing plain radiographs of the right foot showed no acute fracture or subluxation, but they did reveal a bipartite medial cuneiform (Figure 1).
The medial cuneiform can sometimes present as a bipartite cuneiform, a rare developmental anomaly.
The incidence of bipartite medial cuneiform has been reported to range from 0.
Barlow reported the first case of bilateral bipartite medial cuneiform in a cadaver foot in the 18th century.
In 2001, Azurza and Sakellariou (1) reported a case of bipartite medial cuneiform in 34-year-old soldier with chronic left foot pain after a soccer injury.
MRI, as stated above, showed increased signal in the uppermost medial cuneiform and superior aspect of the inferior medial cuneiform.
A bipartite medial cuneiform is an uncommon anomaly that is rarely symptomatic.
Ostoesynthesis' of a symptomatic bipartite medial cuneiform.
Fracture of a bipartite medial cuneiform synchondrosis.
A traumatic tear of the Lisfranc ligament (a short bandlike ligament that extends from the plantar anterolateral corner of the medial cuneiform to the plantar posteromedial corner of the base of the second metatarsal) is an important injury (Figure 11).

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