Medi-Jector Choice

Medi-Jector Choice™

A needleless insulin-delivery device that uses pressure to penetrate the skin.
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This development follows the company's April 28 announcement that Medi-Ject received FDA approval to market its flagship product, the Medi-Jector Choice needle-free insulin injection system, over the counter without a prescription.
The Medi-Jector Choice is a needle-free insulin injector produced by Medi-Ject, and marketed in five other countries for use with insulin.
By marketing the Medi-Jector Choice, Rolf Deerberg will be able to enter the large and yet untapped diabetes market in Germany.
Previously, during the past twenty years, the Medi-Jector Choice and earlier models have only been available by prescription.
Services include free educational pamphlets on all aspects of diabetes, a free educational video lending library, Medi-Jector Choice insulin delivery and training, referral services to other health care specialists, and diabetes care classes on such topics as blood glucose monitoring, oral diabetes medications, insulin therapy and general nutrition and exercise.