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A gene first identified in Tribolium castaneum, the flour beetle. It is composed of an mRNA toxin and an antidote. A female carrying Medea expresses the toxin in her germline, which, like Medea of Greek mythology, kills her progeny. If the progeny carry Medea, they also carry the antitoxin and survive


from Greek mythology: Medea killed the children fathered by Jason after he left her for a younger woman.
Medea complex - a mother's compulsion to kill her children as revenge against their father.
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The power of the drama comes in part from our unwilling sympathy for both Medea and Jason, despite her implacable, cruel will to triumph over him, and despite his coldly hypocritical defense of his betrayal of her as being in the best interest of all concerned.
Wanneer Kreon Medea beveel om Korinthe onmiddellik te verlaat met haar kinders, slaag sy daarin om 'n dag uitstel te kry.
At the first sight of Medea in book 3, for example, Green follows Apollonius closely, so Medea slips into the poem as she does in the original--without much fanfare, "on her way to visit her sister in her chamber.
MEDEA has a strong technology focus, with patents developed for electronic devices, such as programmable LED displays that are integrated onto our vodka bottles.
He said: "I'm really looking forward to Medea, just lately I seem to be appearing in very gory plays.
It transports the action to 21st Century suburbia and transforms the wronged Medea into a fallible woman recognisable to modern audiences.
A clumsy cage-like structure which eventually turns out to be the chariot in which Medea will escape to Athens is parked so inconsiderately that at the beginning the Nurse, delivering her lengthy scene-setting speech, was completely invisible from where I was sitting.
Indeed, through choosing to retell the Medea myth from a female point of view, the play's form fits most comfortably with what Dolan terms "cultural feminism.
Medea begins her mad downward spiral in a little black dress and her other half shows up in a tracksuit.
The nominees include: Nancy Carsten, principal at Carden Conejo School in Westlake Village; Kristi Colell, a teacher at Newbury Park High School; Amy Friedlander, a teacher at Medea Creek Middle School in Oak Park; Sherrill Hyink, a teacher at Los Cerritos Middle School in Thousand Oaks; Lou Lingo, a teacher at Isbell Middle School in Santa Paula; Ann Oppenheim, a teacher at Ladera Elementary School in Thousand Oaks; and Delores Walker, a teacher at Charles F.
Medea is a very personal work in that it reflects how Wolf perceives her recent treatment in Germany.
Medea Corporation, the leading manufacturer of ATA-based RAID solutions for digital content creation applications, announced today that the company has begun shipping G-RAID(TM).