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A gene first identified in Tribolium castaneum, the flour beetle. It is composed of an mRNA toxin and an antidote. A female carrying Medea expresses the toxin in her germline, which, like Medea of Greek mythology, kills her progeny. If the progeny carry Medea, they also carry the antitoxin and survive


from Greek mythology: Medea killed the children fathered by Jason after he left her for a younger woman.
Medea complex - a mother's compulsion to kill her children as revenge against their father.
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This gives Medea enough time to put her plot into motion.
Medea, tambien mujer y heroina, sufre a lo largo de su tragedia un destino similar al de Helena y tambien idea una solucion a sus problemas y un escape exitoso de una situacion apremiante.
For this alone, Medea can be regarded a success, and another feather in the cap for an increasingly impressive company.
El espacio ritual de esta Medea da al mito textura, atmosfera y sobriedad.
Whereas Medea is a female figure whose rhetoric and self-conception are persistently martial-heroic, Ajax's deception of Tecmessa and his suicide are reminiscent of female patterns of tragic behavior.
But the dark humour can not end well and Medea is left feeling betrayed, unwanted and desperate.
The betrayed and vengeful Medea has captured the imagination of many modern playwrights, and appears in several avant-garde scripts.
According to the company, Medea is a scalable accounting and revenue management solution that allows network groups in the US, Europe, Canada, Latin America and Asia Pacific to solve problems connected with varying contract terms, to manage receivables in multiple currencies and to establish a worldwide view of their distribution.
Medea no es un "personaje literario", pues, como bien sabemos, los tragicos se basaban, para la elaboracion de su argumento dramatico, en historias de la tradicion oral conocidas por el publico.
In commission of HERMESensemble and Music Theatre Transparant, Wim Henderickx composed Medea with creation on May 18th, 2011 at deSingel in Antwerp and with tour in Belgium and the Netherlands.
In 1897, Gordin published his first adaptation of Greek material--a version of Medea based on Franz Grillparzer's German trilogy The Golden Fleece (1822), itself loosely modeled on Euripides' archetypal tragedy.