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Dependence on imports for basic material resulted in higher selling prices of canned meat like corned beef, sausage, meat balls, etc.
The first-ever Canada Brand Meat Ball, which ran from September 16 to 19, has raised the profile of Canadian meats and beverages by providing a unique opportunity for international chefs and journalists to gain first-hand knowledge of Canada's diverse food products made with high-quality ingredients.
At the heart of the new meat ball line will be a Carnitech 280mm Combigrinder, one of a new generation of Carnitech machines which has been developed with a renewed focus on hygiene, throughput, product quality, safety and energy efficiency.
We had to practically sit on our hands to stop ourselves reaching over to pluck a meat ball off the next table's plate.
These join Roberts' hugely popular, award winning British Cumberland, apple and black pudding meat balls, and another new addition to the meat ball range combines the flavours of chorizo and mozzarella.
And what was good enough to make a desirable sauce for the Etruscans is good enough to make a desirable meat ball for Snowbird foods.
Fireballs are a perfectly textured 56 percent meat (half and half pork and beef) meat ball which can be eaten hot or cold.
In a large oven-proof frying pan heat 1 tlsp of olive oil and start gently sealing off the meat balls so the have a little colour on the outside but are still rare in the middle.
Rasheed from Langate had hosted the beef party in the lawns of MLA hostel in Srinagar on Wednesday with the guests being served beef kebabs, meat balls and beef patties
Tonnau (Welsh for waves) boasts a range of dishes made by head chef Terry Williams using locally sourced food, including seared tiger prawns, Welsh lamb meat balls and a generous cheeseboard.
Popularity of ground beef comes from its use in hamburgers and meat balls.
75), char-grilled meat balls in a tomato and pepper sauce and Sucuk (PS4.