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The popular 'insider' term for the round logo that graces the top left corner of The New England Journal of Medicine
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Today, our So Good, So Good Sozzis and So Nice brands are already award-winning household brands in Indonesia for processed meats such as chicken nuggets, meat balls and shelf-stable sausages.
This is then moulded into sausage shaped meat balls.
Price includes a three-hour Cypriot cookery lesson for two learning to make classics such as moussaka, traditional meat balls and stifado, covering two starters, two main dishes and two desserts, as well as salads and bread.
The manufacturer of fully cooked and frozen sausages, meat balls and other comminuted meat products has been bought by its management team.
The bacteria scare comes close on the heels of the horsemeat scandal that forced the Swedish furniture giant to withdraw meat balls from its restaurants last week.
The Q Guild, which represents 110 UK independent butchers, said members had seen trade climb 20%, with sales of freshly prepared products, such as beef burgers and meat balls, up almost 30%.
The five most popular dinner meals for children were pastas, tacos, hamburgers, meat balls and pork chops.
500, meat balls at BD4 or club sandwiches at BD6 and a variety of other bar meals.
The Smart Cookies Cookery Club, for ages 11 and over, is a fun and informal class showcasing simple, healthy kids'' classics such as macaroni cheese, meat balls, roast chicken, sticky ribs, fish cakes or lasagne.
The six puppies instantly won the sympathies of some MPs, who started feeding them with the notoriously underpriced yet very delicious meat balls sold at the Parliament's canteen.
70 a day offerings ranging from salmon fillets to homemade meat balls.