Means Restriction

The reduction of access to means—weapons, rope, poison, drugs, etc.—as well as risk reduction—e.g., detoxifying automobile exhaust or cooking gas—for suicide on the premise that fewer people would commit suicide if the means were not available
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A public health approach to suicide prevention on the Golden Gate Bridge would emphasize the use of means restriction (i.
This study reminds us that means restriction may not work everywhere, and that we have much to learn about the determinants of the choice of method in suicidal acts," writes David Gunnell from the University of Bristol and Matthew Miller from Harvard School of Public Health, in an accompanying editorial.
It means restrictions on Whyte's ability to apply for credit have been lifted.
The good news for Sunday is that less smoke means restrictions on air travel will be lifted and more fire tankers can drop water and chemical retardant, Flory said.
Moeller, who previously surveyed the terrain in the poignant Harlanin the Shadow of the Jew Suss [2008], means restrictions in Germany, where the public availability and exhibition of the Nazi oeuvre is strictly controlled.
These issues include orientation and engagement, crisis intervention, accessibility after hours, suicide prevention hotlines, emergency appointment capability, use of emergency departments, psychiatric emergency services, involuntary hospitalization and use of the police, use of mobile outreach services, safety planning, involving family and friends, means restrictions, treatment techniques (cognitive therapy, behavioural approach, bibliotherapy, individual vs.
London's main airports remained open but the ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano means restrictions are now in place over the Midlands, northern England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Less transparency means restrictions on buying and selling, higher investment risks, lack of clear property laws and absence of a developed stock market or of listed property vehicles (REITs, Funds, Companies etc).
Senior policy officer Dafydd Jarrett said: "Food safety remains paramount: if that means restrictions remain, we'll just have to live with that.
This has implications regarding means restrictions," Dr.
This means restrictions in supply can drive the price up sharply.