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 (V) [vōlt]
the SI unit of electric potential or electromotive force, equal to 1 watt per ampere, or 1 joule per coulomb.
electron volt (eV) a unit of energy equal to the energy acquired by an electron in being accelerated through a potential difference of 1 volt; equal to 1.602 × 10−19 joule.
gigaelectron volt (GeV) one billion electron volts (109 eV).
kiloelectron volt (keV) one thousand electron volts (103 eV).
megaelectron volt (MeV) one million electron volts (106 eV).


Symbol for 1 million electron-volts.


megaelectron volt; one million (106) electron volts.

mev, MeV

abbreviation for million electron volts, the equivalent of 3.82 × 10-14 small calories, or 1.6 × 10-6 ergs.


n 1 million electron volts.


mink enteritis virus.


megaelectron volt.
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The initial primary focus of the 70 MeV Cyclotron will be the commercial manufacture of Strontium 82 to ensure an ample, stable U.
In the actual IFMIF installation, the 40 MeV deuterium ions will generate an accumulated neutron flux (the "fluence") a hundred times that of ITER, and slightly above that of the future DEMO.
Apos a aquisicao de imagens ao microscopio optico, a secao polida foi coberta com carbono evaporado de modo a torna-la condutora e adequada a analise ao MEV
After packing the TS anteriorly to the level of the MEV, the microcatheter was removed.
The AFM micrographs of pristine and 100 MeV Ag-ion irradiated PVDF films of different thicknesses (9 [micro]m, 12 [micro]m and 20 [micro]m) are shown in following figures (Fig.
The willingness to fall into tradition, and to rise back out of it again, may be what defines the work MEV have made over the past forty-plus years.
Additionally, MEV moves the Department closer to its goal of obtaining a clean audit opinion for military equipment on DoD financial statements.
For such neutrons to reach Earth's surface, the flare-derived protons striking the atmosphere must carry more than 500 MeV of energy, Mewaldt noted.
com), announced its partner distribution program with MEV Elektronik Service Gmbh (Hilter, Germany, www.
Paul was the most veteran and most prominent among the talented photographers whose work has graced our pages over the years--Ed Lettau, Martin Lueders, Mev Puleo, Lloyd DeGrane, Antonio Perez, Lucinda Devlin, Joseph Rodriguez, Mimi Forsyth, David Kamba, and several others, Like Paul, a number of them generously agreed to work for our modest nonprofit rates even though they can command much higher remuneration from other clients.
The armored MEV can carry six ambulatory patients or four litter-borne patients.
SuperSenzor technology uses neutron energies of between 4 and 14 MeV to detect the main elements that comprise most explosives: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.