Chester B., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: McVay operation.
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Silksworth hope to make an announcement soon on a new managerial team, but today captain Michael McVay will again be in charge.
The plan covers 267 acres and envisions transforming properties along its two major corridors - Franklin Boulevard and McVay Highway - into a flourishing riverfront district with new homes, offices, restaurants and stores.
The group - now known as Cheryl, Mike & Jay formerly of Bucks Fizz with special guest Bobby McVay - adore the region and they are back here tonight for a gig at the Phoenix Theatre in Blyth, having performed a sell-out show at the Customs House in South Shields last month.
But after a bitter legal battle over the band's name, they can't actually call themselves Bucks Fizz - and the Bobby of the group is no longer Bobby G but lookalike Bobby McVay.
you don't have to be a scientist you just have to follow your curiosity," said Daniel McVay, one of the core team members at Entopsis.
However, there were three winners sharing the PS1,000 full house prize in Game D - Elizabeth Thorburn of Glasgow, Margaret Baxter of Bonnyrigg and James McVay of Glasgow, last number called 90.
The transaction was managed by CBRE and McVay Real Estate.
We can reach people wherever they are quickly and easily," said Jim McVay, DrPA, director of the department's Bureau of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease, in a news release.
Previously operating out of McVay Elementary, the Head Start program was forced to relocate after McVay Elementary reopened as an elementary school last fall due to increased population.
McVay has served on several boards, including the World Wildlife Fund and the Earth Policy Institute.
Legendary band leader Ray McVay returns to the city with what is the UK's most renowned big band, with the 2.