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With the beach flashback, McMillan reflects on the relationship that grew out of a chance meeting and declares: "I wasn't looking for romance.
McMillan, 30, said: "Naseem's overstepped the mark in some of the things he's said about me.
McMillan was the first man ever exonerated in the state of Tennessee based on DNA testing.
McMillan used his position in Merseyside Police's Family Crime Investigation Unit to badger women over a three-year period, starting in June, 2011, and ending in June, 2014.
His solicitor told the court that McMillan had fallen out with his father, who then refused to take him to the bus station to meet the bus taking him back to jail.
Mr McMillan and one of his friends decided to battle the case, but the other decided to take the penalty points fearing a long legal battle.
Now, in an exclusive gay-press interview, McMillan says, yes, she called Plummer a "fag" in a heated moment but that it doesn't make her homophobic.
Mr McMillan, 43, a toolfitter from Kingston Park, Newcastle, suffered a complex fracture of the skull and needed life-saving surgery to remove part of his brain.
The attack happened in June last year when Mr McMillan was walking with friends and his wife past the Bob Trollop pub.
Devils supporters packed out a meeting with McMillan at the Jurys Hotel in Cardiff last night to discuss the future of the team and heard how the club was back in crisis after seemingly finding its feet this season.
The feedback was extremely positive," says McMillan, who plans on going out and extensively marketing the package this winter through travel trade publications, motor coach operators and through tour operators, travel agents and AAA organizations.
A lot has changed since 1987," McMillan reflected in a recent interview with BIBR.