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McManus, R. Louise

(1896-1993), a nurse who established the first national testing service for the nursing profession, currently the second largest educational testing program in the nation. She was also instrumental in developing a means of evaluating the nursing programs in community and junior colleges, and she established a center for education in nursing research at Teachers College, Columbia University.
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The judges have decided, for the sake of good feelin', that Timothy McManus will also run.
So far as Timothy McManus was concerned, the dapper young man was destiny; for as Tim passed him, the young man, with utmost deliberation, thrust his cane between Tim's flying legs.
Monaghan took the lead for the first time in the 11th minute and went on to lead at the break by three but could have been further in front but for six wides, and the crossbar denying Conor McManus what looked a certain goal.
But after seeing Paul McManus caged, the heartbroken family of victim Isabelle Sanders said serial thugs like him should be kept behind bars until they die.
Callum Penson was hurt when he told drunk Shaun McManus that his behaviour at the Northern Taps pub was not appropriate.
WORCESTER -- On March 3, 2004, Providence Auxiliary Bishop Robert Joseph McManus received a five paragraph letter from Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo -- the Vatican's apostolic nuncio to the United States -- informing him that Pope John Paul II had formally decided to appoint him as Worcester's fifth bishop.
LARGER than life wrestling villain Mick McManus - The Man You Love to Hate - left PS128,000 in his will.
Mick McManus, the icon of 1960s and 70s wrestling, really has passed away, aged 93.
MICK McMANUS, one of the most iconic figures in the history of British wrestling, has died at the age of 93.
LEADING jumps owner and philanthropist JP McManus stepped into unfamiliar territory at the Sir Peter O'Sullevan annual award lunch in London yesterday when he was drawn from his usual seat onto the stage to receive the organising committee's ultimate accolade from the event founder, writes Howard Wright.
STEPHEN McManus aims to savour the big time atmosphere tonight - and then hopefully help bring the good times back to the Boro.
McManus in a new book about America's ground forces.