Dwight C., 29th-century U.S. surgeon. See: McGoon technique.
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com)-- Bryce Cullen Publishing's newest author, Greg McGoon, had his imagination running wild from an early age, from drawing countless sketches to hosting his own talk show—with his stuffed animals as the lucky audience members.
Levi's B-17, Typhoon McGoon, took off lugging dual payloads: bombs and beer bottles.
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Practitioners and academics put forward the notion that improvements in the management of marketing communications should lead to some level of superior organizational performance, in particular in the strength of brand relationships with customers and other stakeholders and the associated flow-ons from these relationships (McArthur, Griffin 1997; McGoon 1998; Pickton, Hartley 1998; Kitchen, Schultz 1999; Eagle, Kitchen 2000; Low 2000).