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(mək-dōō′gəl), William 1871-1938.
British-born American psychologist who theorized that human behavior is determined by both instinctive and intentional strivings.
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McDougall was named SVP and president, Global Refinish at Axalta Coating Systems, the company announced.
Craig McDougall, 46, was sentenced following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court on June 30.
A court heard Errington picked up murderer Michael McDougall and accomplice Michael Mullen and took them to "lie low" as the police helicopter hovered overhead.
There is an element of uncertainty here, but what can be said is you made it more difficult for the police to identify and apprehend McDougall and Mullen as the people who had committed this offence.
Walter McDougall is America's greatest living historian.
Scott McDougall, the 2016 Apple Grower of the Year, in front of a Washington State University trial in one of his orchards studying the effects of different colors of shade cloth.
John McDougall, 36, bought cigarettes and booze for the youngsters, aged 14 and 15, despite being grounded for a decade.
One of the interesting things to know is that the Buick design studio includes, says John McDougall, Creative Interior Designer for the marque, both advanced and production teams.
McDougall, Sara, Bigamy and Christian Identity in Late Medieval Champagne (Middle Ages), Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012; cloth; pp.
In the thoroughly absorbing Natural Born Heroes, which tracks heroism from the times of Zeus and Odysseus to the World War II bravery of a motley crew of fighters, Christopher McDougall makes it clear that incredible acts of strength and endurance are doable.
With Every Minute is a Suicide, Bruce McDougall succeeds in the difficult task of putting together a series of stories that track how a man's life was influenced by his parents splitting up when he was young.