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Lowrain E., 20th-century U.S. urologist. See: McCrea sound.
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Businessman McCrea, 48, pleaded guilty to killing his driver Kho Nai Guan, 46, and 29-year-old Chinese national Lan Ya Ming.
Michael McCrea had been fighting extradition but Australian judges dismissed his appeal, the British Foreign Office said.
Now, Mr McCrea - who made his fortune giving rich ex-pats tax advice - has turned to a forgotten Victorian law to save himself.
County Durham-born Michael McCrea, 45, could face the death penalty if found guilty of killing his chauffeur and the man's partner at his luxury Singapore flat in January last year.
Neil McCrea (37), of Steep Hill, Croydon, South London, was convicted earlier of 29 charges of false accounting between February, 1995 and December, 1996.
According to the master plan, visitors will enter McCrea Ranch from Moorpark Road.
Dr William McCrea has been advising heart patients to drink a 125ml glass of red wine in the morning and again at night for 10 years.
Michael McCrea, 48, pleaded guilty to two charges of culpable homicide and another of concealing evidence of the 2002 killings of his Singaporean chauffeur, Kho Nai Guan, and the driver's girlfriend, Lan Ya Ming, in a dispute over money.
Dolores' mum was in court on Friday to see evil Gary McCrea jailed for life for the brutal murder of his wife.
But the North Bend girls are trying to win a state title, and Ashley McCrea wants very much to help them do it.
Michael McCrea is wanted by the Singapore government for a brutal double-killing which shocked the country more than two years ago.