Vittorio, Italian physician, 1880-1940. See: Mazzoni corpuscle, Golgi-Mazzoni corpuscle.
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com)-- MoreThanSexToys announced today that during the month of June, nationally recognized as PRIDE month, it will contribute 20% of sales from its PRIDE collection to the Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia.
Mr Mazzoni kindly agreed to answer a few questions that the KULawR had to ask at the end of the panel.
La poesia di Guido Mazzoni e dichiaratamente autoreferenziale, ego-centrica e narcisistica, ma non nel senso negativo che questi tre aggettivi rivestono nella (troppo) allargata comunita dei lettori, bensi nel significato teorico-descrittivo che egli vi ha dato nel saggio Sulla poesia moderna (2005): infatti, l'io che esiste, vive e si racconta nelle sei sezioni de I mondi nasce dalle riflessioni di Mazzoni intorno alla poesia moderna, e corrisponde a quella categoria di poesia soggettiva che egli definisce "lirica autobiografica empirica" (113).
Adam Lee Davies, 18, of Heol Twyn Du, Merthyr Tydfil, admitted assaulting Angelo Mazzoni by beating and having an article with a blade or point after producing a Stanley knife during the attack.
MAZZONI Attilio To our special uncle, we miss you and remember all our happy times together.
5 TWh burning hard coal means a raise in emissions of around 14 million tonnes," said Matteo Mazzoni, an energy and carbon analyst at Nomisma Energia.
Now Prof Giuliana Mazzoni of Hull University is keen to track down anyone in the UK who has similar powers of recall.
Autobiographical memory provides us with a sense of identity and it is usually accurate enough to help us negotiate our lives," the Daily Mail quoted researcher Giuliana Mazzoni as saying.
The State Senate hasn't yet voted against the legislation, which includes provisions to repeal vacancy decontrol, and Mazzoni said that its failure to vote at all shows a lack of concern for tenants' rights.
microcephalus it is an insectivorous species foraging both on autochthonous and allochthonous insects but the relative abundance of each resource is seasonally determined (Rezende and Mazzoni, 2003; Rezende and Mazzoni, 2006b).
Mazzoni to recuse himself from the case brought by two county commissioners.