Mayo stand

May·o stand

(mā'ō stand)
A removable instrument tray set on a movable stand that is positioned over or adjacent to a surgical site; it provides a place for sterile instruments and supplies used during surgery.
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The bright "safety" orange cotton beacon boldly displays TIME OUT(R) across the surface and is designed to be placed over the operative site, instrument tray, Mayo Stand, or back table triggering the verification process.
During oropharyngeal surgery, the mouth gag is typically suspended from the rim of the Mayo stand.
By placing the hook between the Mayo stand and the mouth gag, the surgeon can raise the stand by approximately 3 inches, which is usually sufficient to clear the chest.
Material for end uses in the surgical medical market, such as gowns, overwrap, CSR wrap, drapes, mayo stand covers and shoe covers, will be produced in the near future.
Roscommon and then Mayo stand in their way of even reaching the provincial final this year and deep down, the players may not even believe a Connacht title is within their grasp.
Positioning a barrel-chested person for oral surgery may be difficult when using standard medical equipment--namely, connecting a mouth gag retractor to a Mayo stand.
The Dedo Extension, a simple metal instrument measuring 15 cm long, hangs from an elevated Mayo stand and attaches to the mouth gag retractor.
Now just Mayo stand in their way of a place in the last 12.
Under some circumstances, we have had difficulty reaching the Mayo stand rim with the armature of the mouth gag.
A shoulder roll is put in place and a McIvor mouth retractor is inserted in the oropharynx, expanded, and suspended from a Mayo stand.