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an unbranded calf whose ownership is in doubt.

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Q. Hi, this is Maverick. My cousin is suffering from bipolar disorder. Hi, this is Maverick. My cousin is suffering from bipolar disorder. Is there any possibility to have thyroid problem due to bipolar.

A. Not that I know about. Bipolar disorder is mainly a psychiatric disorder, and not causing any disturbances in other systems in the body. However, hyperthyroidism may be mistaken to bipolar disorder in many ways (irritability, hyperactivity etc.)

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In the 53rd minute Earnshaw finally got away from his Slovenian markers inside the penalty area to bear down properly on goal for the first time, but once more Mavric denied Wales by beating away his left-foot effort.
The visiting keeper spilled a cross byEl Hadji Diouf when put under pressure by his own defender, and Le Tallec returned the loose ball with glee over the prostrate Mavric into a vacant net.
Companies using SalesBOOST simply upload titles to their hosted account once where it is securely stored in the MAVRIC Media datacenter for unlimited number of single purchase downloads at accelerated transfer rates.
Using multiplexing technology, where each units' available unused bandwidth and idle computing power is combined with hosted bandwidth at MAVRIC Media's secure server, content delivery outside the peer to peer network is dramatically accelerated.
Martin's cross made its way to Sionko on the right of the box and his shot got through a forest of legs, only to be cleared off the line by Mavric.
Last night's strike -with his shoulder rather than the intended head -took him to 21 European goals in 45 matches and brought Liverpool level in a match they would have won by six or seven but for an absolutely outstanding display by Olimpija Ljubljana s goalkeeper, Borut Mavric.
MAVRIC Media's Hosted Digital Asset Management Toolkit and BroadRamp's MCDS(TM) deliver Web-Based, Full Screen, Streaming HD Video Capability to Creative Professionals
Handanovic, Brecko, Josic, Suler, Mavric, Koren, Birsa, Novakovic, Dedic, Kirm, Radosavijevic
Despite a procession of corners and one half chance for Owen the closest they came to breaking the deadlock before the break came when Olimpija keeper Borut Mavric sliced an overhit back-pass just past his own post.
Based in Northern California and founded in 2007 by digital media veterans, MAVRIC Media provides hosted digital asset management tools in a web-based, self-serve, secure environment, enabling online collaboration, re-purposing and sharing of rich digital media.
The program will include presentations from Michael Garin, Chief Executive Officer; Adrian Sarbu, Chief Operating Officer; Marijan Jurenec, Regional Director for Croatia and Slovenia; Petr Dvorak, General Director of TV Nova, Czech Republic; Vaclav Mika, General Director of TV Markiza, Slovak Republic; Constantin Mocanu, General Director of Pro TV, Romania; Ognian Dimov, General Director of TV2, Bulgaria; Alexander Tkachenko, General Director, and Sergey Demyanchuk, Head of Television of Studio 1+1, Ukraine; Drazen Mavric, General Director of Nova TV, Croatia; and Pavel Vrabec, General Director of POP TV, Slovenia.
But Rangers came closest to opening the scoring on the stroke of half-time when Martin's cross made its way to Sionko on the right of the box, his shot got through a forest of legs, but Mavric was on the line to clear.