Ludwig, ophthalmologist in Hapsburg Empire, 1840-1894. See: Mauthner sheath.
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Felix Mauthner, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Robert Musil, Karl Krauss, Hugo von Hoffmansthal, and the members of the Vienna Circle were natural allies in the exposure of the inadequacy of language to disclose an authentic subjectivity.
Dr Natasha Mauthner, who is leading the research at Aberdeen University's Business School, said: "Modern technology has had positive effects on the way in which people can combine work and personal life.
Effect of the pesticide deltamethrin on the Mauthner cells of Lake Balaton fish.
than of understanding--Fritz Mauthner, the first philosopher of
Earlier, Mauthner (1999) interviewed women with young children (ages 12 months to 7 years) about their experiences with depression after having children.
Mauthner, Catherine Maclean, and Lorna McKee, "My Dad Hangs Out of Helicopter Doors and Takes Pictures of Oil Platforms': Children's Accounts of Parental Work in the Oil and Gas Industry," Community, Work & Family, 3 (2000), 133-162; L.
4) Field notes were taken by both of us, and we conducted the qualitative analysis together, first by working with interview transcripts guided loosely by a set of readings called the Listening Guide (see Doucet & Mauthner, 2008; Mauthner & Doucet, 1998, 2003); these in-depth readings led to the establishment of a coding scheme which we applied through the qualitative analysis software program Atlas.
In the 1937 German letter to Axel Kaun where Beckett, tripping in the wake of Mauthner and Schopenhauer, first formulates his poetics of the "Unwort," a link between "style" and "writing in formal English" appears: "And more and more my language appears to me like a veil which one has to tear apart in order to get to those things (or the nothingness) lying beyond it.
While these archives are now well-established and have become reasonably well-accepted among the scholarly community, their development has not been uncontroversial and has stimulated much debate about the desirability and feasibility of archiving qualitative data on ethical, epistemological and ideological grounds (Hammersley, 1997; Mauthner, Parry and Backett-Milburne, 1998; Moore, 2007; Parry and Mauthner, 2004; 2005).
Graue & Walsh, 1998; Mauthner, 1997) have noted, the pair or small-group interview is one of most effective methods of conducting a study with primary grade children.
A small but expanding literature notes that the ethical challenges facing qualitative researchers differ from those facing quantitative researchers (Baumohl & Stahl, 2003; Mauthner, Birch, Jessop, & Miller, 2002; Nelson & Reynolds, 2003; Punch, 1994).